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Great story about another great hero!

Just Cruisin 2

Remember Van Thurman Barfoot? Need a hint? He was
the guy who fought with his homeowners’ association
over putting a flagpole in his front yard in 2009.
He didn’t back down and got his flagpole. Even at
age 90 he would hoist the flag in the morning and
lower and fold it at dusk every day.

Barfoot died in 2012 when he was 92 of
complications from a fall. But we don’t remember
hearing his story before, until a friend passed
along some interesting information. So please read
on and learn a little about the man.


He was born on June 5, 1919 in Edinburg,
Mississippi. He joined the Army in 1940 and spent
the following 34 years in uniform and retired with
the rank of Colonel. He fought in World War II, the
Korean War, and the Vietnam War and was awarded a
Medal of Honor, the Silver Star…

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